Active major projects

The Real Leaders Project (Sep 2011 - Present): We publish an interview every 2 weeks with global leaders and innovators from across fields like entrepreneurship, writing, venture capital, and the arts.

The Help2Grow Initiative (Nov 2013 - Present): Help2Grow is a charitable trust registered in India that exists to support the underprivileged to sustainably work towards a better quality of life.

The Learnographics Project (Jun 2014 - Present): Learnographics are infographics for learning. We hope to make one every quarter in 2014.

The 200 Words Project (Jan 2014 - Present): I post an idea (typically from a book I've read) within 200 words every Sunday on this blog. I need to get to creating an easy archive of these - for now, please search for "The 200 Words Project" on the search bar

The Mastermind Group (Aug 2013 - Present): No links here. This is a "mini-Davos" group started with friends. We do a Google Hangout every 2 weeks to discuss and implement ideas on various topics - e.g. finance and investing, relationships, better habits, etc.

Blogs - Reviews of all non-fiction books I read (The goal is to update this every month. It doesn't always happen)
The Bookbytes Project - Updated once a week with notes from the book I'm currently reading - Short form blog that I use very less now

Old Projects (May 2013 - Dec 2013): A better way to pick up skills on the web (Jan 2008 - Jun 2010): An initiative to help students express themselves 

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