About Me

My name is Rohan. What matters most to me is to have meaningful active relationships with family and close friends and have a positive impact on the world. This is my one line thesis on life and I do my best to make all my decisions and choices based on this. 

I work as a consultant helping clients implement strategy. Yup, that means a lot of time on Excel, PowerPoint, and in meetings.

My weekends are spent on projects I work on with close friends and family. These projects help me that are created to make a positive difference while maintaining close bonds with family and friends who I work with. 

My perfect day would involve time spent in conversation with family and friends, some time spent working with people I learn from, some time spent playing and watching football, eating some home cooked food, reading a nice book, and listening to music. I am an introvert and need my "alone time" to function normally. 

I tend to have strong opinions about things. I'm learning to reign them a bit - writing and clarifying these opinions on this blog has helped with that. I don't hold onto one opinion forever either and am open to change based on my new "all time favorite" insight. Change is the only constant as far as my opinions go.

I love life ("love" is a verb and I do my best to constantly remind myself of that fact). And I work hard to be positive, happy, enjoy the present and be the best I can be. I also tend to ask a lot of questions. 

I am learning to accept that life happens while we are busy making plans. I tend to think of life as captaining a ship in the ocean. The ocean currents have plans of their own but you do have some say in where you go. Our decisions and choices, thus, do make us.

I recently got married. That was a big step and while I am still getting used to it, it does feel great to call a very special person "my wife." Two great pieces of marriage advice I received were "Never marry a fan" and "Marry someone who makes you laugh" - I'm pleased to say I managed to follow both of them.

For my 21st birthday, I received a card from close friends that said 'Never older, only better.' That encapsulates what this blog is about. Every day we get better.

I am best reached via email. Twitter also works well. And, Linkedin - if we know each other. :) Thanks for reading this far.

Keep going, keep growing..