Thursday, May 1, 2014

The MBA Application Process - An Offer of Help

I am happy to share that I will be heading to the Kellogg school of management this fall to pursue my MBA. The MBA application process is long and painful and it is not something you get through with a lot of help. It is also not for everyone and I’d definitely not recommend doing it because everyone else you know is. It’s a huge commitment (2 years) and, depending on your point view, a huge expense/investment.

I went through a lot of soul searching myself and spoke to a few people, failed in my first attempt, did some more soul searching and spoke to many more people before it worked out this time. It could just as easily not have worked out. That said, I do know that I had a much better process the second time around. Even with that, it had its lows and I’m glad it worked out. There’s tons of logistical “big rocks” that need to line up for it all to work out but that’s part of the process. I’m not celebrating too hard - the big idea is to have a positive impact on the world and this feels like a step in the right direction. I intend to make full use of the privilege and make the most of it. The rest is gravy.

I didn’t want to do a generic post on how to go about the application process as it is a very personal thing. So, if you need some help to think through it, I’d be happy to help (in full confidentiality). Alternatively, if you’ve made up your mind and need help thinking through the process, I’d be happy to help with that too. There are many components of the process - the GMAT, choosing schools to apply to, building up your profile, writing essays, preparing your resume, preparing for interviews, etc. I am good at some parts of the process and can help. For the other parts, I’ll connect you to others who can help.

Traditionally, the “offer of help” posts have revolved around reviewing resumes and helping you think through specific problems where an external point of view may help. That offer still stands. I’ve met some wonderful people (readers and friends of readers) through these posts and I’m hoping to meet a few more of you this time.

*Update: Sorry I forgot the “call-to-action.” Please just email me on rohan at rohanrajiv dot com to get in touch.

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