Friday, July 23, 2010

Starting the day w/learnings, impact goals, blessings and dreams etc

Here's a new habit that has greatly improved my mornings. As soon as I get to the office, I take out the notebook I have on my desk and jot down the following -

1) Learnings from yesterday: This is for reflection, of course - primarily work focused..

2) Impact goals: These are goals that I hope to achieve during the day. 'Impact' is an a-connect value that resonates very very well with me. So, the goal of every goal is to make a dent or atleast aspire to do it better than ever before!

3) Die by midnight: If today was my last day on earth, what would I do?

This is both inspirational as well as a humor factor for eg: If I have football on the agenda, then atleast I die fit.. ;)

4) Blessings: I try to jot down 5 on a 'statue' day, but on most days I find around 8-10 blessings I am really grateful for. :)

5) Dreams: I realized that work can get you into an immersive daily cycle and this sometimes could result in a loss of the big picture - who I am, what my big dreams are. So, it is a note to myself every day as to what the big picture is..

This typically takes 1 page in a small-size notebook and greatly helps get me going at the start of the day. Maybe it could help you too.. :)

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